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feeling May 19, 2014

Filed under: milk chocolate — beautynobility @ 11:48 pm

it’s so new to me, this feeling. this being cared for, wanted, adored feeling. this glance around and catch him looking feeling. this comfortable but edgy feeling.

how do people get used to this? how does this settle into the everyday mundane i don’t want you around anymore feeling?


each person i’ve (personally) told has been so excited for me. their feelings seem to range from a small measure of shock to exhilaration to joy to protectiveness. they have the omg she finally found someone who wants her of course feeling. some share the is he good enough i just want you happy feeling. most say they get an i’m so cared for and loved and i’ve never felt this way feeling from me, eliciting an i’m just glad that you’re feeling like this you deserve it feeling.


i ask why he loves me and he says it’s a you just feel right feeling. a you’re smart so smart it’s amazingly sexy feeling. a you’re pretty and supportive feeling. this strong man seems to shiver when i hold him responding in an almost how did i get here feeling.


i’m really having an i’m so overwhelmed what do i do now feeling. an i’ve never felt so cherished, so wanted, so desired feeling. i feel swamped regularly by a let me just take care of you and show you how much i care feeling. a not quite maternal but so incredibly loving feeling. that i’m beautiful and sexy and amazing just the way i am feeling. a never let this change please God let this always be so good and right and joyous even when we’re arguing feeling. i have that with you i’ve finally come home feeling.

i have all the feelings.


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