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i don’t like you [one woman’s inner thoughts on crushes] September 28, 2012

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not really.

i thought i did. i thought, oh yay! crush time! wooohoo!!!!

but in my moments of quiet reflection and talking with Jesus, i’ve slowly realized that it’s not you  that i like – i’ve had a crush on the idea of you.

the idea of a  children-loving, music-adoring, Jesus-worshiping, funny, attractive, age- appropriate, financially aware, politically savvy, intelligent man being interested in me. you know, basically all of the things that girls like me swoon for.

but, none of that is actually you. i don’t know your pains. your struggles. your joys. your hopes and dreams. your passions. the things that keep you up at night, and the others that help you sleep. i don’t know what i would be praying for, for you. i don’t know what you would be praying for, for me – or if you would even pray for me. i don’t know you.

how then, can i be all “ooooooh i like him!” when i don’t even know you?

so, no. i’m sorry (if you even care). i don’t really like you. i’m sure you’re perfectly nice (well, hopefully not too nice), but yeah. ignore any and all indications of ‘likeness’ and just be my friend, ‘kay?