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Lord, send me [insert biblical man here] August 29, 2011

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I was talking to one of the besties who shall remain nameless (though it’s actually quite easy to figure out…lol). We were discussing (per usual) our proposed book about the, um, blessing of being a single Christian woman of a certain age, and the attendant frustrations. The desire to be pursued. The wish to just skip the dating phase and just have a great guy see you, hear from heaven, state his intentions, pursue and move forward. The longing to have the guess work removed.

We started naming our fave biblical women. “Why can’t I just be like Esther and snag a king, a man with purpose? What happened to my Boaz? Where’s the servant to tell me, time to marry Isaac?” Then one of us brilliantly stated: …these women all had their own issues to deal with, their own process before the prize:

Esther – in competition for the king (seriously, a year-long beauty contest??? i don’t know if my self-esteem could take that) [Esther 2:1-4, 12-14]

Ruth – had to basically go to Boaz and tell him she was interested [Ruth 3:1-11]

Rebekah – had to leave her family to marry a man she didn’t even know, on the word of a random servant [Genesis 24]

Yes, these examples turned out very well for the women involved. I’m not saying not to emulate/pray for the Bible to be real in your life. Just saying that we sometimes forget the process when we pray for the end. We forget that Boaz may be shy, or incredulous, or feel a little unworthy. We forget that our king may have multiple women vying for his love. We ignore the friend who wants to tell us about the great guy because we don’t believe in “arrangements.”

We pray for the prize and want to skip the process.

*personally, I’m praying for Caleb. or a man as secure as Lappidoth. Don’t know what I mean? Here’s your Bible study assignment for the week: numbers 14:6-10, 24; Deut. 1:36; Joshua 14:6-14, 15:13-19; Judges 4:4-9.  Let me know what process I should be preparing for with my prize.


Chocolate Updated August 15, 2011

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i’m sitting here while my hair conditions, staring at my dishes, and realize: i haven’t updated my chocolatiers since May. MAY?????????? Yes. May.


Okay, so quick version:

I drove home after finals. The road trip was almost too much fun. The original bestie flew to Cali to drive back with me. We dodged tornadoes, horrible storms, the TX heat, and ate dinner with 2/3 Spelman loves. Good times flew by.

I started an internship with a great non-profit legal aid clinic in Toronto. it was time consuming, personally and professionally challenging, and stretched me in many crucial ways. I experienced extreme disappointment. I questioned why God sent me, then shut doors in my face. I relinquished control, took it back, then surrendered again.

I was home. Though it didn’t always feel like it. Though I wonder now if it is…and what that means for me.

I was thrust into leadership. I haven’t really slept since.

I drove, over the course of 9 days, from Toronto to Baltimore, back to Toronto, then back to California. the Baltimore trip was with my mother. Jesus loves me.

I got back, started training, made friends, met associates, took ownership, demonstrated that I was not the one, checked in residents.

…and here I sit, with a conditioning cap on my head.

there. updated. time to go rinse and wrap. real posts to come. pinky swear.