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your love makes me smile October 29, 2010

Filed under: milk chocolate — beautynobility @ 11:10 am

i want this.

this genuine love, peace, and laughter. you can totally see that he just said something super sweet and hilarious to her. the laugh on her face is not just a “you’re hilarious.” it’s definitely a “you’re hilarious and i love that you love me like i love you.”

you can tell the difference. you can tell a woman in love by how she smiles when she opens a text. the softening in her eyes when she answers the phone. the way she glances over her shoulder, across the table, around just to linger on him a little longer. just to remind herself that he’s real, the love’s real, and it’s hers.

this is what i want. this is what i see in the truly in love people around me. i just want this smile, this laugh, this look in my eyes.


3 Responses to “your love makes me smile”

  1. I love writing that captures a feeling so vividly.
    I love this.
    I love you as well. Just so you know. ❤

  2. Lamoi Says:

    i want this too. i’m not going to settle until this is what i am settling for.

  3. […] seem to love each other. The way President Obama looks at his wife is just…sigh. And the way she smiles at him? Wonderful. Just, […]

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