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have i told you lately that i love you October 22, 2010

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i love love. like, i legit love the idea of love, the greatness of love, the power of love. love is polarizing; no one is indifferent about it. when asked, i’ve never heard (of) someone (who would) say, “love? meh. it’s aiight, take it or leave it.” no, there are the people who love it (“all i want to do is love”), and people who hate it (“love sucks!”).

i’m definitely of the “all i want to do is love” camp. when given the  option, i will always choose loving. i want friends. i want to do more than get along with others, i want to love them.

i want to love fiercely, deeply, passionately. and no, not just romantically. i mean, i want to be known to love my family, friends, strangers in ways that bring them closer to God and show them the beauty in themselves.

love, true love, is not the self-serving, self-aggrandizing, overwhelming nothingness that is so commonly touted.  it is not the thing we fall in and out of without recourse or thought. love, true love, raises us up, pushes us forward. it tells us what we don’t want to hear as much as what we do want to hear. it reveals the disparateness of ourselves as much as the glories of our souls.  it shows our ugliness to make us more beautiful. yet, in the midst of all that, it never tears us down to build us up. no, it revels in placing brick up on brick, glory upon glory, until we look inward and realize we’re a more wonderful being than we were before love entered our lives.

because that, to me, is the magic of love. when loved, and loved properly, we see who we really are. when loved, we become better people. when loved, we see who God created us to be. i am not who i am because i motivate myself; i am who i am because of the people who love me. there are things i will never do because i don’t want to disappoint my strongest supporters (my grandpa, mom, and dad).  there are things i strive for because i want to show those behind me it’s possible (purple, mymy, blondie, my kids).  all i do, all i hope to be, is in response to love.


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