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the worst of times September 27, 2010

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I knew he was a great man when I met his daughter.  She became one of my best friends, and a true testament to the greatness of her father.  She spoke of him with love, respect, and honour; she went beyond the regular words and indicated that he was a father to be envied.  His love for God was evident in her love for God.  His guidance in life was evident in her direction. His love and reinforcement of her intelligence, beauty, and gifts, were evident in her strength of conviction and self-assurance.

I knew he was a great man when I met him for the first time.  He greeted me graciously, showed me warmth, and encouraged me deeply.

I knew he was a great man when I visited his home. He opened his home and his life, demonstrating that his hospitality and congeniality was not limited to his daughter’s friends.  He greeted me, remembering the little things he learned when I’d previously met him.

I knew he was a great man.  I did not how great, or how much of an impact Mr. Chip Moss had until he passed last Friday.  I did not know he was a Prince among men, a true son and representative of the one true King until I no longer had the opportunity to know him.

As he rejoices with Christ our Saviour, I know that his greatness will live on in his wife, children, and the lives of all he touched.


gchat musings on dating, waiting, and jesus September 21, 2010

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darling chocolatiers, i thought you might enjoy a random convo with one my besties on waiting, dating, and jesus. maybe in that order lol. consider this lighthearted fun as my attempt to compensate for the rants. (note: names have been removed to protect the innocent)

me:  i’ve been thinking about the line between waiting, keeping eyes open, and pursuing

her: yea..thats such a hard balance

because i’ve been thinking

should i be keeping my options open
or “wait”
and what does that mean?
and how do you know when the one is there
hahaha so many thoughts
me:  and what does it mean to keep options open?
and does waiting mean not looking?
not trying/dating?
or does waiting mean being faithful to God/purity/etc while trying/dating?
her:  right. i’m confused. so i do nothing
me:  lol
sometimes i think in all circumstances (not just relationships) we equate waiting with not working
like, i’m waiting on God for $$ so i’m not going to do any extra work because that is a lack of faith
or, i’m waiting on God for healing, so i’m not taking extra meds
or, i’m waiting God for a good GPA, so I don’t need tutoring…
her:  right. i think depending on the topic we get the wrong messages
especially when it comes to dating and that whole thing
like should i be dating? or do i stay absolutely single until the “one” finds me
me:  lol
her:  and then should i date because i’m scared of sharing myself with anyone who isn’t the “one”
maybe thats my issue
me:  but doesn’t thatll come down to boundaries?
i mean, that’s what i’m learning right now
her:  you’re right
me:  sure, i can be talking to someone, but what i share and the boundaries i have are up to me
her:  its so strange. maybe i do need to date so i can figure it out eh?
me:  LOL
that’s what i think i’m deciding
her: jeeez the life of a christian girl is so hard
me:  LOL
i’ve been thinking lately that one date does not a boyfriend make
meaning, if dude wants to pay for a meal, and you like him enough for that, then do it
me:  he can work his way up to BF status
her new status message – one date does not a boyfriend make!   1:53 PM
her:  love it!!
me:  he doesn’t need to be perfect husband material before you go out – that’s the point of dating
her:  see that right there is what i need to get over
i think i’m like a man sometimes in that respect
like it may not be exterior stuff
me:  lol
her:  but i am looking for a prototype
i compare everyman to basically jesus
me:  i think i’m realizing that the prototype wasn’t born a prototype
her:  SO bad
me:  lol
and even Jesus took some 30 odd years before he stepped into ministry
me:  so yeah
her:  you’re right it probably took ________ at least 25 years to get his act together
and we’re still not perfect until heaven
me:  i’ll work with potential + willingness to work + actual work any day
…and this is why i love chatting with my friends…

i don’t play games

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note:  this is a rant. be okay with that.

I’ve been feeling lately like there are a series of games I’m expected to play to make others happy so they’ll let me reach my goals. I know…this is where you say: umm newsflash Cha, life is a game and it goes to those who play it best. To that I reply: Hogwash.  There is a difference between working hard, working smart, and living well (living acceptably) and manipulating people, laying out “rules,” and working only enough (gameplaying).

I refuse to play these games.  Whether in school, promotion, friendships or relationships.  I am not a game player.  So, the following PSA:

If you are my friend…you are my friend. The end. I will support you, I will be loyal to you, but I won’t stroke your ego or lie to you. You’re my friend and that means that you get all the bad with the good – I don’t let my friends beat their heads against a brick wall, and I don’t let them float through life feeling unloved. You can call me whenever,  just be prepared for the answer.

If you think I “like you”…I’ll let you know. Seriously. I don’t understand the “don’t call, wait 3 days, blah blah blah” rules floating around. Why can’t we just let people know what we feel when we feel it?  Why must everything be tit for tat and quid pro quo? Have some damn guts and tell the truth, then move on.  If I want to call, I’ll call. When I don’t, I don’t. Trust me, it won’t always be frequent.  Besides, you should be pleased – you get friend treatment X 10.  This is a win win for you.Think about it – you don’t have to wonder if I’m interested, and you get a super loyal, fairly pretty, definitely smart friend. Go team! (insert highkick)

If we work together/go to school together…I’m giving it all I’ve got. Every grade, every job, I’ve ever received was done honestly and through genuine hard work.  Oh, and God’s favour.  Don’t discount God’s favour – He’s done mad things for me.  You should also know that I don’t throw my co-workers under the bus. If you deserve to get hit by the bus, I’ll kindly tell you that one is coming and to please step into the street. Then I’ll give you chocolate after you get hit.

Basically: I don’t play games. I’m too tired and too busy to think about all that. I just live.

sigh. rant over. have a good day y’all.